GERMASEAL is powered by PermaSafe the State-of-The-Art multipurpose surface and air protectant system that kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria,  viruses, mold, mildew, odors, and fungi creating a safe environment.  PermaSafe permanently protects automobiles, businesses, homes, schools, buses, clothing, trains, airplanes, hotels, apartments, hospitals, clinics, fitness facilities and other areas susceptible to microorganisms.


Modern vehicles have become breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi, all of which are also known as microorganisms, or "microbes." While any confined space that is frequented by people is prone to microbial activity, increased vehicle use, the popularity of ready-to-eat food and our growing habit of consuming it in our vehicles, as well as other lifestyle changes, have put drivers and passengers at greater risk of infection. And for motorists whose passengers include those with four legs, or someone who is or may soon be ill, or is simply sweaty, wearing dirty shoes, dirty clothes or a dirty diaper, or even if that extra passenger is nothing more than a bag of trash from your last snack, the risks skyrocket. Worse yet, there’s been little opportunity to improve this situation. 

While there are plenty of car care cleaners on the market, few offer any microbial protection and, even if they did, it would be all but impossible to treat a passenger cabin’s many different surfaces, fabrics, and materials, let alone under its seats and dashboard or throughout its air ventilation ductwork and other compartments. Further, any disinfection provided would be very temporary, disappearing the instant the product dried. Until now!